13 K-deep tech startups to showcase their tech inthe U.S. to discuss investments, collaborations

[Money Today] Ko Seok-yong |
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Thirteen promising deep-tech-based venturecompanies such as Medisapiens and Selkie, the operator of ScaleUp Tips, andtechnology innovation policy officials from the Ministry of SMEs and Startupswill hold one-on-one business consultations, investor relations (IR), andseminars with local companies in Boston and New York.

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups announcedthat it will hold the 'Scaleup Tips 2nd Meetup Event' in the United States fromthe 20th (local time) to the 22nd.

On the first day of the event, localexperts will provide IR, business counseling, and seminars at the HarvardInnovation Lab in Boston. The event will include a presentation on how to enterthe local market by Glenn Goh, CEO of Harvard-educated startup Stochastic, IRpitching to local VCs, and networking. 

On the second day, we will discusscooperation with Boston innovation organizations. They will discuss one-on-onebusiness counseling with local experts and establishing a local base for globalR&D.

On the third day, in New York City, theprogram will hold an investor relations meeting with more than 100representatives from global investment companies and VCs such as JP Morgan andKPMG in conjunction with the KAIST TechFair in New York.

During the meetup, they will also visitAtlantic Quantum, a startup in the "tough tech" sector that developstechnologies to solve hard-to-solve problems. Atlantic Quantum is a companythat develops practical quantum computers and has made headlines by receiving$9 million (12 billion won) in investment from the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology's (MIT) venture investment program, The Engine.

"Through this meetup, we will connectdomestic deep-tech innovation ventures with North American R&D collaborationdemands such as Boston," said Kim Woo-soon, a technology innovation policyofficer at MOTIE. "Based on this, we plan to establish a North AmericanR&D collaboration base from the second half of the year and activelyreflect it in project planning by strategic technology theme from nextyear."

In addition to Medisapiens and Selkie, themeetup will be attended by Nature Glutech, VPIX Medical, Ablabs, Enjet, MBD,Orange Biomed, Oncosoft, Watt, WaveLifestyleTech, Inseribro, Ilias Biologics,and others.